What’s the distance from the beach?
The campsite is 800m. from the beach.

What’s the distance to Malaga?
It’s around 45 km., on the motorway (A-7); about 35 min. by car.

What’s the distance from the airport?
It is around 50 km.

Can we pay by credit/debit card?
No, you must pay in cash the day of arrival. There’s a cash machine available 24 hours a day.

Can we book a pitch?
No, we just accept bookings for the bungalows. If you wish, you can call us to ask about the availability. Usually, there are available pitches for tents or caravans; so, there’s no need to book in advance.

Can we have barbecues?
Only coal barbecues can be made in the barbecue area, and inside your pitch. You can’t make fires.

Is there a swimming pool? When is it open? Do we have to pay for using it?
The campsite has a swimming pool, and it is open from the 1st June to the 20th September (approximately). It is free.

Is there a playground for children?
Yes, there is a small playground for children.

What hours can we get in and out of the campsite by vehicle?
The passing of vehicles is allowed from 8:00 a.m. to 24:00 h. After midnight, you can only enter on foot.

Can luggage, caravans and tents be unloaded with cars without paying or declaring them?
No, for safety reasons, the passing of vehicles inside the campsite is not allowed without declaring and paying for them.

Can we rent a refrigerator?
No, but we can give you the address or telephone number of the places where you can get them.


What do the bungalows consist of?
Our bungalows are equipped with kitchenware, as well as casseroles, frying pans, plates, glasses, coffee pots…There are no towels or bedclothes.

How many vehicles are included in the price?
Only one vehicle is included in the price. If you wish to include more than one, you will have to pay extra. Due to the occupancy of the campsite, you will have to check beforehand whether it is possible.

Are water and electricity included in the price?
Yes, both are included.

Are dogs allowed?
Yes, they are. But you will be responsible of it at all times, and must have it on a leash inside the enclosure. You have to pay a supplement.

Do the bungalows have a television set and an aerial?
No, they haven’t. You can bring your own television set, or rent it at reception for a minimum of four days (the cost is of 4.50 Euros per day, approximately). Bungalows have an aerial DVB socket.

Is there air conditioning?
Yes, we already have hot and cold air conditioning, although, for most of the year, it is not necessary due to the location of the campsite, which provides a good temperature.

At what time can we occupy the bungalow?
The arrival time for this type of staying is from 4:00 p.m. Between the 11th September and 14th July; the arrival time can be made before that time, providing you ask at reception the day of your arrival.