Karting - Quads - 4x4 Routes - Moto/Bike Rent

Here we offer links, addresses and telephone numbers of places offering various leisure activities around our campsite.



Karting del Sol www.kartingdelsol.es
Almayate 678037618

Kart & Fun Málaga http://www.kartfun.es
Indoor Karting. Pol Ind San Luis, Malaga 952330041

Quads y Rutas 4x4

Quads Nerja tours www.nerjaquadtours.co.uk

664317523 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4x4 Salamandra Multi-Aventura www.malaga-aventura.es

4x4 Malaga Outdoor http://andalusies4x4.org

4x4 Life Adventure www.lifeadventure.eu

Buggy Tours www.buggytours.net


Bicicletas y motos en alquiler

Blackfrogdiver   www.blackfrogdivers.com

MotoRent Ruta 340 https://motorentruta340.wordpress.com
Telef 639278458 - 952967034